Black Bear IT Solutions Ltd

Hosted Solutions

In an always connected world our businesses cannot survive unless if their IT systems only work in the office. We want to be able to work from home, to work on the move and as our businesses grow work from multiple sites. The only way to achieve this is by having business systems in the cloud, Microsoft and Google offer this, but only if you meet their "norms" which few businesses do. All servers and hardware used by Black Bear IT Solutions is configured, deployed and owned by us. Our servers are based in Manchester, a city that has one of the most robust and resilient connectivity back bones in England. This means we can offer bespoke solutions that fit your business, rather than making your business fit the solution.

Our solutions can grow (and shrink) to match your needs. Maybe you have seasonal workers or a project that needs extra staff, then add more users to the system, just remove them when you are done. Total flexibility so you only pay for what you need.