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Benefits at a glance

Off the shelf systems come with their own merits, yes they have been tried and tested and used by many people. However the merits are the downfall in itself, you are buying a system that does exactly what designed to do and do that well.

Black Bear IT Solutions systems that are developed are developed specifically for your business and the job it needs to perform in mind. Systems are bespoke to every customer and no 2 systems are the same.

Our engineers will map out your business processes and write a system that does exactly as required. All systems are developed with full confidentiality and no information about its form or function are disclosed, or used in other projects.

A full plan is developed and time line when accepting a project so that you a client is aware and agreed on a time line and cost. There are no hidden charges at the end of the project and further development of a project is available at the end if required.

No one knows your business better you, so we work to ensure you get exactly what you require.

Get ahead of your competition

Get ahead of the competition

Examples of systems

We have written everything from warehousing applications to booking systems for hotels, medical practitioners and many more.

We are a registered Intel software partner and all our applications are written in .NET and C#. We also have support for Classic Visual Basic applications and Active Server Pages based web applications.


Diverse software

Supporting both desktop and web based applications we can produce either depending on your requirement. As we have our own hardware based in Manchester so we can also host the systems if you wish.

If you require desktop based applications we can also produce these to either run from your premises or on a terminal server platform