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    Bold leap from NHS Network

    Author: Technical Support
    Server room from hell
  • Black Bear is proud to announce the successful tender of a new customer, but this one is not just a very special customer to is residents it is to us too on a personal level.

    Many of our customers and users know that we try our very best to not just provide a reliable service but to beat expectations, we also support local charities and small businesses trying to give them the edge by working along side them advising, and guiding towards success. For the last 20+ years Black Bear IT Solutions have helped many small businesses become very successful in their field, probably the most well-known being a local haulier which is based in Lancaster that Black Bear IT Solutions didn’t just help build the IT infrastructure but developed bespoke software and automation that have helped them to become the leader in their field.

    What would take at least 2 days manually was minimised down to 3 minutes with the help of the software solutions we have offered, because of changes like this they have grown from a small office to the large company they are today, this is why we do what we do, our job is to help your grow as a business through support, service and consultancy!

    Our focus has shifted back again to our core services and placing our support where it will benefit our customers best, we love working with customers to help them grow but our roots lay in local businesses and a personal business relationship.

    With this ability to focus on our key values we are proud to announce that we will be offering services to a well-known hospice that wish to exit the NHS IT systems they currently have, this is a great thing for us as we can really invest ourselves in offering the best we can do to a truly great organisation, something that our directors and staff feel very strongly about.

    St Mary's Hospice provides specialised supportive and palliative care for people with life limiting conditions throughout South Cumbria, as you can imagine IT is a massive part of day-to-day organisation and we are honoured that ST Mary's would place their trust in Black Bear IT Solutions to provide a key role.


    As part of the IT support for them we are offering a hosted virtual desktop environment as well as onsite technical support for communications, network and desktop user support. We have been able to really use our partnerships with communications suppliers to secure a backbone that will allow many years of growth and help them to focus back on their task of offering 1st class care and not having to worry about systems.

    Black Bear IT Solutions have worked alongside some giant organisations far afield however our roots remain firmly planted in a personal, local and quality service of what i feel we excel at. Formaly Black Box Business we have been in Lancaster for 20+ years and we are not showing any signs or inclination of going anyway for a long long time.

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