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    Smart control panel

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    Server room from hell
  • As part of our improvement plan we have been busy working behind the scenes to improve your experience, as a customer, as a result we are introducing a customer area where you can login and view how many hours you have used and what tickets you have open.


    The control panel will allow you to raise trouble tickets and even request remote access for one of our engineers to assist quickly, saving time and money for you. You will be able to view quote status's and attached invoice references to quotes for your paper trail. Our aim is to make a seamless end to end system where you are in control of your account 100% and there’s total transparency of the service that you receive.

    If you want a breakdown of your costs all this will be available in one safe secure place.


    The system will continue to evolve as we do as a business and, of course, to best provide a service to our customers. As a bespoke portal we are able to adapt this based on feedback from our customers and additional requests for functionality, our focus is to build a tool that works for our customers.

    The customer portal is scheduled to go live late August 2015 to select customers as part of a focus group with a fully live and functional system September 2015.

    Smarter working

    Engineers are being equipped with mobile devices allowing updates whilst on site facilitating rapid communication of resolutions and remedial process. At present we use a system that we have identified could work better for our customers and our engineers, as a result this will be retired within the final quarter of 2015 to be replaced with a better solution.

    As a business our aim is to hit the following criteria as a provider of IT solutions, our primary aim is to improve communication and value for money to our customers. To achieve this we aim to work towards reducing time to resolve issues whilst improving efficiency and communication both internally and to our customers.

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