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Rack space

Plain & Clear..

We have heard it all, other local providers talking off 20 to 30 servers clustered in nuclear bunkers etc. etc. It all sounds great and impressive but does it work and do they own it... no is the answer.

All servers and hardware used by Black Bear IT Solutions is configured, deployed and owned by Black Bear IT Solutions. Our servers are based in Manchester not a nuclear bunker, why.. well Manchester has one of the most robust and resilient connectivity back bones in England. The data centre we use has backup power and connectivity, and then backups for them again. It’s a maximum of 40 minutes from our office and there’s an engineer on the site 24/7.

So nice and simple, its reliable, its close, its well planned and its used by other large multinationals like Barclays. Ok so its no nuclear bunker but we can live with that after all we are not storing nuclear weapons we are storing servers and if it’s good enough for Barclays well its good enough for us.

Oh Dave the engineer is ours too...

Dedicated server space

Did you know

Did you know we can host servers for your organisation? We can build and host your file servers, domain controllers and any other Windows servers you require, all you need is a decent internet connection and your applicable.

Your machine will authenticate the same as the server was in your office but you don't have the headache of buying and maintaining your own server

Servers are rented monthly, the hardware is kept up to date which is included in the cost, as is backups! and its backed by a 99% SLA. If you want to know more about our systems infrastructure click the orange button to the left.

Cloud models

Cloud is a general term, largely expressed in marketing, to describe any server/service that is put outside your own control for someone else to maintain on your behalf. This type of solution is not new and have historically been called outsourcing, services from Application Service Providers and more going back over the last 20 years. The Cloud terminology has gained great traction with decision makers because it sounds like a wonderful and cheap solution to remove IT considerations from a business and it can be if planned right..