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Rack space

Plain & Clear..

We have heard it all, other local providers talking off 20 to 30 servers clustered in nuclear bunkers etc. etc. It all sounds great and impressive but does it work and do they own it... no is the answer.

All servers and hardware used by Black Bear IT Solutions is configured, deployed and owned by Black Bear IT Solutions. Our servers are based in Manchester not a nuclear bunker, why.. well Manchester has one of the most robust and resilient connectivity back bones in England. The data centre we use has backup power and connectivity, and then backups for them again. It’s a maximum of 40 minutes from our office and there’s an engineer on the site 24/7.

So nice and simple, its reliable, its close, its well planned and its used by other large multinationals like Barclays. Ok so its no nuclear bunker but we can live with that after all we are not storing nuclear weapons we are storing servers and if it’s good enough for Barclays well its good enough for us.

As said we are proud of our service and the infrastructure that we use, its no bomb shelter but we think its good enough and it certainly meets the requirements we need. All our own systems are run out of the same facility.

Our infrastructure

Total size: 22,000 sq. ft.
Total # racks: 650+
Rack Size: 47U, 600x1000mm, lockable private racks
Rack Configuration: Private, Lockable, Quarter, Half and Full racks, plus bespoke private cages and suites
R400mm Raised Access Flooring
Goods Lifts: Yes
Secure on-site parking
Data recovery clean room
EPA Assessment: No risk

Incoming mains: 3.5MVA
Generators: N+1
Density per rack: 32AMPs as standard, bespoke high density solutions available
Power Feeds: Dual A&B Feeds, 32AMP
100% Carbon Neutral - BSI PAS 2060 standard

Cold Aisle Containment
Digital DX CRAC: N+1
Temperature range: 19-22 degrees celsius

We are proud to always operate to industry-standard best practice, processes and management principles in everything we do. This has led to our achieving the following external accreditation standards:

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System
ISO 14001: Environment Management System
ISO 9001: Quality Management System
PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
BSI PAS 2060: Carbon Neutral
NiC EIC Approved Contractor

Peering Arrangements
We have relationships and arrangements with leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers, including BT, Virgin Media Business, IXReach and Metronet UK - as well as peering agreements in place with LINXP, LONAPP, LIPEX and IX Manchester.

Protecting your data
We know how critical your data is to your business, so we can lock down access to the building, data floors and individual area. You can access your hardware, whenever you and your nominated staff require, via individually programmed access cards. Our standardised procedures ensure you have 24/7 access to your equipment while we protect it from external threats.

ISO 27001:2005 (Info Security Mgmt.), ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and PCI DSS
Access control
Proximity cards
Staffed 24/7/365 (by SIA-accredited UKFast staff installation by Black Bear SIA-accredited staff)
CCTV - internal and external
2.8m secure fencing and razor wire perimeter fence
Site-specific, dedicated firewall technology
24hr NSOI-accredited security patrol

Additional Security
Not only do we protect your data from threats, we continuously monitor and control all of our security and fire systems using a number of additional systems. These systems include: network connectivity and latency CCTV systems, cage and entry door access controls as well as the physical grounds, temperature, moisture and humidity levels in individual suites and power levels (down to individual power bars within racks).

Data Protection
We have a number of accreditations that highlight our commitment to keeping your data safe under every condition:

ISO 27001:2005 Info Security Management
ISO 9001:2008 Quality
PCI DSS compliant

As the security of your business-critical data and systems is our primary concern, we have a permanently manned security presence at all of our data centres and use multi-layered physical security including a secure perimeter and video surveillance. Entry to each facility is rigorously controlled. We have strict procedures in place to monitor and control visitor access, both into and within each data centre. Extensive CCTV video camera surveillance is in place across each facility, along with security breach alarms and controlled physical barriers.