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Benefits at a glance

A managed support contract could start from as low as

£65 per month

The benefits of a managed support contract are clear in terms of financial gain and the pain of staffing your own IT department. A typical managed support contract we would recommend is an hour per server on your site and additional hours based on your requirement.

  • Save money on staffing.
  • Never worry about staff holidays again.
  • Pay per hour not a salary.
  • Have a full team of engineers on hand.
  • Proactive management.
  • 24-7 Monitoring of key machines.
  • Remote & telephone support.

Hosted server benefits

  • No large capital outlay
  • Hardware upgrades included in cost.
  • Backups included in cost.
  • Work from any location.
  • Improved business continuity.

Managed Support Services

Managed service contracts

24-7 Monitoring

All managed devices are monitored 24-7 by our internal systems, should a server of machine of interest flag anything from a hard disk getting full to high memory consumption then an alarm is triggered in our offices alerting an engineer to respond

Any other machines that you have can be audited remotely so that we can give you a monthly report .on inventory age, weaknesses in your network and advice on improvement.

We can also offer an out-of-hours service so that we work when you do ensure you have the support when you need it.

Hosted Servers

At Black Bear IT Solutions we offer managed service contracts where we can build a bespoke package for your company to support your staff and systems. The benefit of a managed contract is a lower hourly rate on support and proactive 24/7 monitoring of your key systems. We can in addition monitor any other systems at a small charge monthly.